If our toilet equipment are touchless, shouldn’t our drinking water taps be much smarter and safer?

Research shows that most of us do not wash our hands after sneezing, handling money, touching ATMs, changing diapers, playing with pets, and sometimes even after using the restroom. Imagine touching the same manual tap as hundreds of other people in your office, school, hospital or home.

Launching V-urify touchLESS

V-urify: ‘Touchless’ Dispenser for Drinking Water

Available in two carefully designed Modes: Continuous and Toggle Avoid multiple infections from the most commonly used drinking water dispensers. Drinking Water at your finger tips, without touching! 

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Superior Touchless

No buttons to press! No taps to open! Just move your hand towards the touchless sensor and your glass or bottle will start filling


Water does not touch any corrodible or electrical component

More Affordable


Compared to the fixed touchless systems that require plumbing and pumping

Consumers Very Little Power

Low Energy

Consumes little power, can even run on low voltage batteries

No Contact with Metal

Easy to Use

More convenient to use, there is no major change in user habit

Touching Drinking Water Dispensers can Transmit Infections

Touching Drinking Water Dispensers can Transmit Infections

Role of hands in transmission of infection in hospital situations has been well demonstrated. Indirect contact through environmental surfaces also plays an important part in transmission of infection. Contamination of surfaces such as taps by patients and health care workers

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