Our Demo app for interactive marketing with the affordable Leap Motion touchless gesture control hardware.

Various in-built and custom Leap Motion gestures were implemented and optimized for an engaging end user experience.

On top of the interaction, we can build insightful analytics using parameters, such as engagement times and durations for different aspects of the product. We can also build gamified versions with incentives for brand promotion.

We created the Software app with Unity 3D development Engine.


Left: Depiction of user engaging with the device. Photo from Leap Motion.

Touchless Gesture Control: Brand Engagement at Finger-Level

One thought on “Touchless Gesture Control: Brand Engagement at Finger-Level

  • August 9, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    While we may still sometimes need to push buttons, touch displays and trackpads, and raise our voices, we’ll increasingly be able to interact with and control our devices simply by signaling with our fingers, gesturing with our hands, and moving our bodies.


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