How Face and People Tracking works

Realfaces is an AI Powered Audience Analytics solution for OOH Media and retail stores.

Using a camera and our software we can detect the number of eye balls looking at a media display for face tracking. We can also approximately identify the side/orientation (left or right) of the advert they are looking at.

Previously, as a Marketing Manager, you could track only online advertisements via page views and no. of clicks and provide audience demographic and analysis. However, there is no reliable system to get data on who has looked at an offline ad. Using our face analytics solution, we can provide actionable data and insights on how to place offline ads and product promotions.

Initially we will place our camera and collect data, within 1-2 weeks we would be able to gather enough data to optimize the accuracy. A report of the data will be generated. It is also capable to even identify gender and approx. ages of the audience. The resulting analytics will then help provide better and more focused product placements for offline ads within corporate parks (that’s where the buying population is and has purchasing power). This will help reduce costs of offline advertisements and improve returns on investment.

The solution also directly applies to retail stores to collect data on who has spent most time in what aisle and looking at what sections of the aisle the most. For example, we can detect if women visit the stationary section the most. And accordingly, in the retail store stationary sections have relevant promotions for women products such as sanitary pads, jewelry, etc. Put it up with corporate activations and you could get valuable insights on how to improve future effortsPeople Tracking

1. Tracking people helps provide density distribution and movement trajectories:

2. Here is a quick demo of face count and orientation detection:

3. Let us see what the reports look like: