In 2018 is your drinking water dispenser as clean outside as it is inside? With all the leaps in technology we see today when was the last time you saw any innovation in something as important as your dispenser?

Introducing a safe, affordable, easy to use and touchless dispenser for drinking water to battle illness caused by germs found on dispensers in homes, offices, hospitals, gyms, factories and public places.

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Creating a Touchless Revolution to making the world a healthier place!!

Available in two carefully designed Modes: Continuous and Toggle

Avoid multiple infections from the most commonly used drinking water dispensers.

Drinking Water at your finger tips, without touching! 

Touchless Dispenser for Drinking Water

Most people do not wash their hands after using the toilet, coughing, using ATMs, playing with pets, sneezing, or handling money. And the situation is much worse in developing countries.

Having known this fact well, toilets in many buildings are already equipped with touchless faucets and hand dryers.

Drinking water dispensers are among the most commonly touched surfaces in Offices, Hospitals, Schools, and even households.

Do you know when you filled up your last glass of water at the office or your kids used the dispenser at their school, they could have easily picked up around 9 types of germs that cause diarrhea, fever, fatigue, vomiting, abdominal pain and pimples. Click here to read research on transmission of infections.

If our toilet equipment are touchless, shouldn’t our drinking water taps be much smarter and safer? 

The existing products have limitations, but we have a better solution.

V-urify touchLESS has been designed after interacting with over 1400 people including water plant owners, water purifier brands, corporate employees, mothers, doctors, gym trainers, and students to ensure that it takes care of the existing challenges.

We have created a touchless tap for the most widely used drinking water dispensers that will help reduce the transmission of infections from drinking water taps.

There is no other product like this in the market. Remember, No Touching equals More Hygiene!