A Phygital platform to Improve Consumer Engagement

Realfaces is an AI Powered Interactive and Audience Engagement & Analytics solution for DOOH Media and offline retail stores.

Our solution initiates the engagement by the machine instead of using a promoter. Further, we can detect the number of eye balls looking at a media display using face tracking. We can also identify the side/orientation (left or right) of the advertisement they are looking at. Realfaces helps “Reduce the clutter of offers among the content shock.”

Previously, as a Marketing Manager, you could track only online advertisements via page views and no. of clicks and provide audience demographic and analysis. However, when a consumer walks into an offline store, there is no way for her to get the offers relevant to her unless she has a dedicated app, or goes through each and every aisle and each and every floor. Using our face engagement solution, we can provide interactive engagements with the brands and make the offers ‘stand out’.

These solutions can also be deployed with corporate activations or generic events. Few demos below. Note that these are just some basic modules of our solution. To understand the problems we solve in detail and how, please reach out to us.

1. Increasing Offer Utilization and Brand Engagement

2. Smile based engagement after employee event

3. Interactive Intuitive Display at Outdoor Advertising Convention 2019

4. Tracking people helps provide density distribution and movement trajectories

5. Let us see what the reports look like

6. Here’s what happens behind the scene to get face count and orientation detection for counting eye balls