Vehicle Tracking & Congestion Analysis

Vehicle Tracking & Congestion Analysis for infrastructure planning, route planning, socioeconomic segmentation. Computer Vision detection and tracking 2. Congestion Report

Pupil Tracking for Medical Device

How it works: Night vision camera inside VR headset. Mobile device showing points on the screen. Program tracks pupil and allows to set threshold areas for diagnosis. Mobile app generates reports.

Touchless Gesture Control - car NYPD police - Ford Mondeo

Finger-Level Touchless Control

Our Demo app for interactive marketing with the affordable Leap Motion touchless gesture control hardware. Various in-built and custom Leap Motion gestures were implemented and optimized for an engaging end user experience. On top of the interaction, we can build


A Phygital platform to Improve Consumer Engagement Realfaces is an AI Powered Interactive and Audience Engagement & Analytics solution for DOOH Media and offline retail stores. Our solution initiates the engagement by the machine instead of using a promoter. Further, we can


What are Augmented Reality Spectacles Trials AR Trials & Recommendation System for Spectacles Frames & Lenses Business Advantages Increased chance of conversion from interactive experience Reduced trials costs for brands and consumers Faster Selection to checkout process Technology Highlights Automatic Face

IoT - Social Media Integration

IoT Mannequin

Our latest IoT (Internet of Things) Social Media Integration deployment: How we attracted and engaged an audience at the GVK Bangalore Airport Pinnacle Awards 2017. We built interactive animations that played on a digital mannequin. These animations could be controlled

In-built Camera Gesture Control

Objective of the game: Learn how to map specific customer needs to their company’s solutions. Watch audience playing (0:40).

VR Exploration

VR experiences for audience engagements in an immersive environment.

AI & Computer Vision: Touchless Point and Click - Gesture Control

Intelligent Gesture Control (AI)

AI-powered Intelligent Gesture Control Most affordable advanced gesture control software developed from scratch at Realment Labs. Uses the in-built camera of the computer to recognize finger gestures without touching. Uses cases in prevention of infections in hospitals, industries, consumer equipment,

Multiplayer Game: For corporate training

Improved sales induction effectiveness. Increased audience engagement by 70% with a multiplayer 3D game. Watch how audience is completely engaged(2:12).

Smile Interaction Media Player

Works on android with minimum requirements. Multiple layouts available for video and image displayes. Popup image appears when smile is detected.

Augmented Reality Experiences

Augmented Reality

Creating augmented reality 3d experiences for educational and marketing interactions. We have vast experience with Unity development engine for web, mobile and desktop platforms and relevant party AR plugins to develop engaging interactions based on your needs.

IoT (Internet of Things): Data Collection from sensors and control from mobile apps

Internet of Things (IoT)

Data collected from connected devices over wifi/bluetooth networks and reported for analysis. External sensors data such as salt sensors, accelerators, gyroscope, pressure, flow, current, voltage, etc. Mobile data such as GPS, accelerometers, etc. Data being used for external devices control,

MoPure - Touchless Dispenser for Drinking Water

Product Development

Apart from electronics, IoT and computer vision consulting, we do product design for various electrical, electronic and mechanical products. Some of our esteemed clients are Eureka Forbes, Unilever and Faber among other emerging product companies. We have in-house and affordable